Join Dr. Heather Tick and learn how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet for natural pain relief.

Module 1: How to take a personal food history

Module 2: How to eat a more nutritious diet

Module 3: How to prep food for maximum nutrition

Module 4: Foods to avoid for pain & inflammation

Module 5: Supplements for natural pain relief

Module 6: Dealing with roadblocks and cheating

Plus 10 bonus tools:

  • Food history worksheet
  • Personal health & lifestyle assessment
  • Anti-inflammatory shopping list
  • Guide to understanding the glycemic index
  • Meal prep shortcuts for an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Healthy pantry guide
  • 15 healing foods to reduce pain
  • A guide to supplementation for healing pain
  • 5 steps to anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Prescription for Pain – Recipe Guide


Create eating habits that heal your pain naturally.


Dr. Heather Tick MD

Heather Tick, MD is the University of Washington's first Gunn-Loke Endowed Professor for Integrative Pain Medicine. An integrative medical practitioner, she has directed pain clinics in the United States and Canada and is a consultant to corporations on ergonomics, health, and safety. She has also taught at numerous medical schools and is currently involved in medical research.


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