Join Dr. Heather Tick for an in-depth look at gut health and what you can do to start improving yours today. 

Includes 6 video modules:

1. Pain and the gut: what is it all about?

2. How to eat for a healthy gut

3. The mind and gut connection

4. How a toxic environment affects your gut

5. How your gut impacts your health

6. Action plan: how to improve gut health


Plus bonus tools (valued at $200USD):

  • 15-day anti-inflammatory meal plan
  • The Quick Start Guide to Gut Health (mini ebook)
  • The lifestyle alternatives kit (including mindfulness practices, sleep tips & DIY solutions for toxic-free living)
  • A list of gut friendly foods
  • Beginner guide: how to do a candida cleanse
  • Personal health & lifestyle assessment
  • Food journal sheets to track your digestion
  • Meal planning templates
  • Sugar free treats recipe guide

Up to 90% of diseases are linked to the microbiome in your gut. 

Module 1: Pain and the gut: what is it all about?

It might surprise you to hear that the amount of pain you experience is often linked to the health of your gut.

In this module, we'll start from the beginning. You'll learn about the gut microbiome, why it's so important for your quality of health and how it influences inflammation.

Module 2: How to eat for a healthy gut

To maintain a healthy gut we need to manage inflammation. One of the best ways you can do that is through your eating habits.

Like a light switch, food has the power to turn inflammation on or off. In this module you'll learn about the types of foods that create or reduce inflammation. We'll also talk about eating habits that contribute to imbalanced gut flora and many digestive issues like gas, bloating or irregular bowel movements.

Module 3: The mind and gut connection

Both stress and sleep can contribute to imbalance in the gut microbiome impacting your health on a number of levels.

In this module, you'll learn about the mind and gut connection, plus why it matters for optimal health. That includes talking about stress and how mindfulness practices can reduce your anxiety, as well as creating the best sleeping environment for your body. 

Module 4: How a toxic environment affects your gut 

We are exposed to hundreds of toxic ingredients every single day. Think about it for a second. They're hiding in our toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, lotions, soaps, make up, cleaning products and so on. We also get chemicals in our food and water supply, as well as the air that we breathe. All of this toxic exposure can impact bacterial balance and the health of your gut.

In this module, you'll learn about the ingredients that harm your gut, plus how you can reduce your toxic exposure day-to-day. 

Module 5: How your gut impacts your health

Up to 90% of diseases are linked to the microbiome, so it's safe to say that your gut is incredibly important for your health. 

In this module, we'll go over the main roles of the gut microbiome including immunity, inflammation and digestive health. You'll also learn about the health risks that come with bacterial imbalance so you can connect the dots and start making real changes to address your health concerns. 

Module 6: Action plan: how to improve gut health

It's time to take action for your gut health. 

This module is all about taking the knowledge you've learned and turning it into a realistic and actionable plan. You'll be able to start making simple changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment right away.


Invest in your gut health today and get instant lifetime access.


Dr. Heather Tick MD

Heather Tick, MD is the University of Washington's first Gunn-Loke Endowed Professor for Integrative Pain Medicine. An integrative medical practitioner, she has directed pain clinics in the United States and Canada and is a consultant to corporations on ergonomics, health, and safety. She has also taught at numerous medical schools and is currently involved in medical research.


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